A More Perfect Union

Astrology Beyond-the-Horoscope Forecast for September 2020

Donna Woodwell
11 min readSep 2, 2020

With election season heating up in the United States, we’d do well to recall the preamble to the Constitution:

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…”

It doesn’t say a perfect union, it says a more perfect union.

Perhaps that’s, in part, because the framers of the Constitution understood there can never be an agreement on what “perfect” would look like.

If the various states had insisted on their own version of “perfect” — if they swore it’s “my way or the highway” — they’d never have established a Union at all.

Plus it’s that kind of “all or nothing” thinking that leads this month’s Virgo energy spiraling down into ineffective anxiety and panic.

Fortunately, by embracing imperfection we find the key to our self-imposed prison.

Life’s richness comes from its complexity and nuance. And those are things that wouldn’t exist in a black and white, either/or world.

Embrace Imperfection

Now “Embrace imperfection” may seem like odd wisdom for Virgo season, which runs from Aug. 21 to Sept. 22.

After all, Virgo’s got a rep for wanting everything to be “perfect.” So much so, that Virgo energy can drive itself — and those nearby — a little batty with the constant tweaking and shifting to get everything just right.

(Full disclosure, I’ve got the Sun and a collection of other planets in Virgo, so I’m speaking as a native.)

And so, when I found a wall plaque emblazoned with “Embrace Imperfection,” I knew I needed it for my office.

I even hung the sign crooked, to make a point.

(Plus, it’s amusing to watch the occasional client attempt to straighten it. And then read it. And laugh at themselves.)

I like having the little sign where I can see it, because it reminds me every day that there’s no such…



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