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Astrology Beyond-the-Horoscope Forecast for August 2020

Donna Woodwell
5 min readJul 23, 2020


I really do wish I had a magic wand. I would wave it, and everyone could enjoy “the dog days” (of summer, in the Northern hemisphere, of winter in the Southern).

But, alas, it’s not going to be that kind of August.

I don’t often spend most of my time talking about events on the world stage, but these days events are so big, and sweeping, that the personal and collective are far more intertwined than usual.

It can feel like playtime when the Sun enters warm and fun-loving Leo, which happens this time every year. But this Lion season isn’t filled with lazy days; the heat is on in more ways than one.

But this year, when the Sun enters its home sign, it discovers it has a house guest. The Moon’s already there, having arrived in Leo a few days earlier.

The Moon in Leo amplifies all of Leo’s energetic, creative urges. Plus, the Moon’s moving faster than average, nudging us toward action-without-thought. It’s a recipe for self-gratification before considering the consequences.

The Moon’s also sitting at the apex of a tension-producing alignment with Jupiter and Neptune. Both are agitating the Moon’s desire for safety and security.

Jupiter’s typical buoyancy and optimism is feeling the strain, as he backtracks in Capricorn, the sign of his fall. Specifically, we’re losing faith in governments and institutions to “save” us.

Slow-moving Neptune’s been in Pisces since April 2011. It’s a slippery passage, during which escapism, fantasy and illusion are players on the stage. It’s moving hand-in-glove with Jupiter this year, making fertile ground for conspiratorial thinking.

The combination suggests the “public” is on edge. Folks all yelling “don’t tread on me,” for causes large and small, as if all injuries are created equal.

(Hint: Wearing a mask in a pandemic is a logical, smart choice, not an imposition. Police-cum-military forces on public streets, that’s an imposition worthy of protest.)

But with three planets — Sun in Leo, Mars in Aries, and Saturn in Capricorn — all in their own signs, battle lines are digging in even deeper.

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

The challenge with Leo energy is that, though it’s warm and fun-loving, it can also be childish and self-absorbed.

And when that side is activated, it’s like dealing with an illogical teenager, slamming doors and proclaiming “don’t tell me what to do.”

The desire to be “free” at all costs is on full display as the Aug. 3 Aquarius Full Moon squares off with rebellious Uranus.

It’s a galvanizing moment, but what action’s being incited is anyone’s guess. When facts and fantasy are intertwined, and everyone believes they are in the right, rational discussion may be a bridge too far.

But that won’t stop anyone from airing grievances. As communication-driven Mercury opposes both Saturn and Pluto, folks aren’t shying away from speaking truth (to perceived power).

Still, we should listen to what happens around the Full Moon, for it’s setting the stage for what happens in the following two weeks.

A hot, angry Mars boils over in rage. Between his broken faith in the system (Jupiter retro in Capricorn), and the money and power-plays that make it go (Pluto retro in Capricorn), and the need to be free at all costs (Uranus stationing retrograde), we’re due for some difficult days ahead.

The energy crests between Aug. 12–15, violent clashes are not out of the question.

If you need to take a stand, make it a good one.

Echoes of a Great America, Eclipsed

The Aug. 18 New Moon at 26 degrees Leo suggests the deeper story unfolding, at least for the United States.

Occurring at almost the same degree as 2017’s “Great American Eclipse,” the New Moon’s in an adjustment-requiring alignment with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn.

It’s causing the public (symbolized by the Moon), to question the structures and power flows in society. The system seems ill equipped (everything retrograde) to deal with the complex realities of today (and tomorrow).

Something’s got to change. And with Mars in Aries fanning the flames, many may believe the moment to start is now.

(Lest you doubt this is all playing out according to the cosmic clock, the U.S. was born with Pluto at 27 Capricorn, inconjunct the New Moon.

And President Trump? The moment he was born, Mars was at 26 Leo. The same degree as the New Moon.)

What’s Next?

At the end of August, we may hear a little more good news on the hunt for a covid 19 vaccine or treatment. (That’s always the universal truth, all things change, and nothing lasts forever.)

Still the reality for most Americans will settle in. Masks and social distancing are not an option. The economy is going to pull back. Kids aren’t going back to school, distance learning is the norm for the foreseeable future.

In other words, things will slow down and sink into the pandemic “back to school” rhythm.

For a few weeks.

But later in September into October, the challenging aspects of August are back again. October, not surprisingly, confronts a host of issues about power, justice, and action.

Your Mission, Should You Choose

The story never ends, and we have infinite opportunities to learn as individuals, and as societies.

But it’s much more difficult for a society to learn and evolve, without a robust civil society. A place where diverse ideas can be discussed and debated with civility and respect until compromises can be reached.

That’s because there’s nothing more un-democratic than a winner take all, my way is the only way ideology.

But, until those spaces exist, we each must recognize that our personal choices have social, and yes political, consequences. One could even say some are literally life-and-death for others.

Such turning points are rare in history — ones where what you do as an individual can actually make a difference on the world stage. But here we are. What you choose, matters.

These are the moments we get to understand who we are…

(Hint: It’s shown by who we choose to be.)

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